Bed and Breakfast Asti | Tourism in Asti
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Tourism in Asti


around Val Rilate

Excursions in the Astic Hiking Trail are a great opportunity to discover the beauty of the hillside area, with vineyards. These itineraries offer the opportunity to know the history of the astigian, distinguished by medieval villages and by suggestive geological stratifications.


  • Path Colle Don Bosco – Cortazzone
  • Cortazzone route – Closes Ring road of Villa San Secondo
  • Path Casasco – Colle Don Bosco Connecting paths

Bicycle routes

in langhe Astigiane

The contour of the terrain makes the experience of cycling exciting, especially if you are using the racing bike or a bicycle for tourism and opting for travel on asphalt. On uphill, not very long but very frequent, alternating long runs allow you to give up the brakes and get stuck in the wind.


  • Canelli-Nizza-San Marzano Oliveto
  • Nizza-Roccaverano
  • Ascending to Rochetta Palafea
  • Ascending to Calosso
  • Ascending to Mango and Neive